Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Gym Time

I like to work out in the morning. I am a morning person in all aspects, and always have a disgusting amount of energy. Well, I'm not disgusted by it, but those I'm pestering at 6AM are.

Early Morning
The gym is usually a little less busy at this time than in the evening, and the crowd is a little older. You get the stress-relieving effects right before you go into work, when you need a little peace of mind the most. Especially if you have clients from other countries. Have you ever opened your email to find that Europeans have filled your inbox while you weren't looking? They need to remember how we pulled their butts out of the fire in WW2 and have some respect. I mean, I guess I didn't actually pull their butts out of the fire, but I still feel I'm owed.

If you can arrange to get an hour and a half lunch you'll have time to workout and swallow a few sandwiches whole before going back to the grind. The benefit is a much less crowded gym and a midday stress reliever and energy boost. This is good if you're too tired to get up early, but also too tired at the end of a long day. The only problem may be convincing your boss to give you the time.

Early evening
The gym is at it's most crowded. If you can get in right after work, though, your hormones may be at their best. Late afternoon technically is when muscle building hormone levels should be highest. You can use this time to relieve some work-related aggression, or to have some you time before going home to your screaming, whining, snotty, beloved children.

Late night

I recently worked out at a friend's gym at 9pm, the time he usually goes. I'm not an evening person, but once I pulled some light deadlifts for warmup, I was pumped and ready to go. It was nice for a change. Gym traffic is at its lightest, and when you get home, after you've had a little time to settle, you'll sleep like the dead.

So really, it's just up to your preference and your schedule. Helpful, right?

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