Monday, September 3, 2007

Proper Range of Motion Part 4: Seated Cable Row

Whether in an innocent attempt to get full range of motion, or in an attempt to cheat the exercise using glutes and lower back, this exercise is often done incorrectly.

In strict form, the body shouldn't sway at all during a seated cable row. With feet braced against the platform, the only part of you that should move are your arms.

Experienced lifters will occasionally do a cheat set in which they bend at the waist, getting an accelerated start that allows them to use higher weight.

1. This is used only occasionally with the knowledge that it is a cheat

2. This should only be done by experienced lifters who can handle the weight without tearing a bicep or letting their back bow

Your lower back should never bow. It should be flat, or curved slightly back depending on your personal anatomy, and it should stay that way throughout.

Final: Upright Row

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