Friday, September 21, 2007

Weekly Web Fitness: Bruce Buffer Buff?

Celebrity Fitzness Report: UFC Octagon Announcer Bruce Buffer

If you are a fight fan, then you know the voices of the legendary Buffer Bros, Bruce and Michael. Bruce Buffer is the big voice of the UFC. Apparently, along with the big voice comes a big ego, cause boy does he seem vain. Still, this is a cool interview.

”I rolled with Randy Couture years ago in which was an eye opener.”

“Both Tank Abbot and Sakura, each on different occasions tried to take my microphone away from me while I was doing my thing. They were upset about something. Neither one did though, because I wouldn't let them. I have my job and they have theirs, so let' not interfere with each other.”

I think most people let Tank take what Tank wants. Yikes!!!

Study: Soccer beats jogging for fitness
This story is tearing up the webs. Hey, I said it in Make Cardio Fun, you gotta do something to make cardio seem less like torture. Besides making it more likely that you'll stick with exercise, it makes your workout more effective. It's hidden interval training.

”Each period of exercise lasted about one hour and took place three times a week. After 12 weeks, researchers found that the body fat percentage in the soccer players dropped by 3.7 percent, compared to about 2 percent for the joggers.

The soccer players also increased their muscle mass by almost 4.5 pounds, whereas the joggers didn't have any significant change. Those who did no exercise registered little change in body fat and muscle mass.”

Stretch for More Strength
Tight muscles can limit your strength. I am unable to do a heavy squat because my rear-chain leg muscles are so tight that at the bottom of the movement I can't help but rise onto my toes. That's scary when you've got hundreds of pounds on your shoulders. I stretch constantly, but I'm willing to give this routine a shot, though it doesn't look that different from anything I already do.

I got so angry once at the tightness of my glutes, hams and calves that I yanked on my ankle to try to force my body closer to my legs. Of course, my very tough leg muscles didn't move, but I did strain my lower back, which took months to get over. I guess the lesson here is: don't do that, cause it's dumb.

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