Friday, September 28, 2007

Weekly Web Fitness: It's Hard Being So Right

That's not actually true. It's totally awesome.

Exercise on par with drugs for aiding depression

I've been saying for awhile now that one of the biggest and most overlooked benefits of exercise is mental health. I've used morning workouts to regulate my anxiety for years now, because I don't want to deal with the side-effects of medication, while the side-effects of exercise are looking great and being fit. I'm not saying ditch your medication (I can see you all searching for your lawyer's phone numbers), but if you're feeling stressed or blue, it doesn't hurt to get out and exercise. The worst that can happen is that you're still depressed, but have a killer bod.

Sportline ThinQ Pedometer nestles by your credit card
The 10,000 steps a day way to fitness is great, but I hate carrying thick items in my pockets. My wallet is about 1/4” thick, my phone less than 1/2”. Pedometers have gotten small, but they're still always thick enough to be annoying in the pocket. This card is 3mm thick and the shape of a credit card. Keep it in your wallet for an accurate count of how much you move every day.

Motivational Weight Loss Game Where Everyday Moves May Inspire A New Addiction To Aid Fitness

I love the concept of tricking yourself into getting exercise. It just works better than guilting yourself. With the Wii and Dance Dance Revolution, everyone is excited about the possibility of melding the addiction of videogames to the benefits of exercise. I'm not sure these games sound fun, but I like where this is going. If someone could link a person's real world movement to how far their avatar gets to move in World of Warcraft, we'd see a significant improvement in nerd health.

I'm a nerd too, chill.

On The Surface of Things: Where to Run

Some crazy article was making the blog rounds recently, starting at MSN Men's Health, written by people who've obviously never run, that running on any surface causes the same amount of joint damage. Really? Then are special, shock absorbing running shoes part of a dis-information conspiracy? How about boxing gloves? Try getting jacked in the jaw with a 4 ounce MMA glove vs. an 18 ounce sparring glove. A 120lb woman hooked me in the jaw with a UFC style glove and spun my head, though I would have barely felt it through sparring gloves.

This article has it right. It does matter what surface you run on, and if you've got knees like mine, you're concerned about it.

Have a great weekend. With the weather getting cooler, think about getting outside and playing some tennis or walking the dog.

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